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Nome: Joana Isabel Espada Rijo
Alcunha: aRijo                           
Data de Nascimento : 14 de Abril de 1989   
Sexo: Female
Cidade: Queluz, Lisboa

Occupation: art student, drummer [Starting a Riot]
Interests: draw, design, music, cinema, photography, skateboarding, art.

Favourite Music Genres: Emo, Punk, Grunge, Indie, Rock and Roll
Favourite bands: 30 seconds to mars, The used, My chemical romance, Paramore, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The vicious five…

Favourite Movies: Prozac Nation, Fight Club …
Favourite books: Lenore, Emily Strange

Favourite Quote: "I live by the rule that you should follow your matter what you do, you should follow your dreams" – Jared Leto

Heroes: Tim Burton, Dave Grohl, “Shannimal”, Rodney Mullen…

30 seconds to mars

Favourite song : Buddha for Jane
Favourite Album: a beautiful Lie